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Surprise! Made by Me

Each of us have moments we want to remember.  When you shop online with Surprise! Made by Me, you will find handmade products that are unique, beautiful and specially created by us with lots of love.  We offer party decorations and favors, handmade jewelry, seasonal craft and greetings cards for all occasions.  We also offer a wide-range of item in our baby collection which includes baby blankets, burp cloths, bibs and hair ribbons. 


Welcome to Surprise! Made by Me, we are a online store founded by Vanessa. When you browse through our inventory, we are sure that you will find your wonderful surprise.

Vanessa Cruz-Marrero

You may wonder why I do. Well, I only have one answer, it’s for me! I always try to do what I love. My passion has always been interior design. I started my studies in a local University and achieved recognition for my designs, models and plans.  Lead my University to winning the first-time ever award given to a student for the Designer Challenge.  When I became a mother to EJ, life changed completely.  From that moment, I dedicated my life to raising my son though my passion to design still very much alive.  I remembered how as a child, I learned and loved the art of crochet from my grandmothers.  I’ve always loved crafts! Creating art using paper, using semi-precious stone to adorn garments, painting and sewing.  At that moment, it felt like I was reborn, I discovered a new me, I am a wife of a husband who enjoys seeing me achieve my dreams, a mother of a beautiful four-year-old son who suffers from epilepsy and Cerebral Paralysis and a Entrepreneur. This year I launch Surprise! Made by Me, a collection of handcrafted gifts and party supplies created with love and excellence for my customers.

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